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Coaching Top Management
Performance coaching is a useful developmental application since feedback targeted on behavioural competencies or jobs skills helps each associate build an intelligent action plan based on the information. Coaching strategies and their accompanying skills are most notable in three critical leadership situations:

  • Aligning individual and organisational goals
  • Making performance analysis
  • Managing Change

An effective coach involves professionals extensively in the implementation of change. Our team of behaviour Psychologists assist in the improvement of executive managerial skills. Executives who have reached the top have unique expertise, are intelligent, ambitious, full of energy and yet to progress they may have to cope with obstacles and therefore need coaching.

The term Personnel Counselling refers to the measures taken to facilitate the adjustment of the employee to his work situation. These measures are addressed to the mental and emotional state of the employee, his attitudes, feelings, and personal concerns.

The methods and techniques used in employee counselling vary with the objectives of the process and the underlying assumptions as to how they may be best achieved. Approaches, which depend upon guidance and advice, may utilize various diagnostic techniques including interest, aptitude, and personality interviews. Also through discussion with the employee, we explore attitudes through directive or non-directive methods, improve self-understanding, impart broader or more objective perspectives and stimulate motivation for achievement of set goals.

Human Resource Audit
Human Resource Audit is a systematic assessment of the strengths, limitations, and developmental needs of an organisation's existing human resources in the context of its performance. The human resource process is dynamic and it should be continually redirected and revitalized to be responsive to the ever-changing needs through HR Audits.

It involves briefing and orientation of the Client Organisation, designing audit procedures and developing plans and program of audit. Information related to HR is analyzed through surveys, questionnaire and interviews. In this process future needs are also identified and appropriate criteria developed for highlighting human resource priorities. A periodic and systematic audit helps human resource planners develop and update employment and program plans

Assessment Profiles
Potential candidates for a Company or employees considered for a higher position within the same Company are assessed based on a series of tests and interviews. After the assessment, a report is generated by the Psychologists on the panel. This report enumerates the candidate's biographical details, provides assessment on the candidate's ability and aptitude to perform well on the mentioned job and the areas of deviation and compatibility alongwith the final comments. The process utilizes the expertise of Industrial Psychologists and behavioural experts who evaluate the candidate based on certain defined parameters.


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