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Organisation Consultancy

People in an Organisation are influenced by shifts in knowledge, complexity, professionalism, technology, speed, competition and markets. Organisations that create the right environment of high self-awareness find its employees respond proactively to the harsh realities of change. Issues such as ego struggles, values, beliefs, emotions, motives, fears and varied interests will interfere with the success of an organisation. Therefore, these concerns need to be researched, understood and worked upon through an appropriate intervention plan.

In Consultancy studies, these concerns are identified and a feasible module is developed. Data is collected once a module is implemented and the module redesigned and improved based on the data collected. Thus an organisation development intervention is created to implement change.

Organisation Diagnosis and Development Studies
Organisations, like fingerprints, are always unique. Each has its own culture, traditions and methods of action, which in their totality constitute its climate for people. Organisational Climate has a profound influence on the outlook, well being and attitudes of organisational members and thus, on their total performance. Therefore, an organisation needs to take a long run view of its climate as an organisational asset. A sound and dynamic organisational climate will induce its employees to be productive and accelerate its growth.

The Organisational Diagnosis involves exploration of the organisation climate through employee perceptions regarding their place of work. It also provides with a contingent approach to improve organisational effectiveness, Development of an Action Plan and Strategy for Intervention and its Implementation.

Organisation Design and Restructuring
Organisation structures are created either by existing organisations or by individuals who create new organisations. The Organisational Design changes depending on the nature of issues in integration, control and departmentalisation.

Growth leads to complexity, uncertainty and turbulence in the environment but at the same time provides impetus to reshape or restructure organisations. Discovery of doing things in a better way or dissatisfaction with the existing structure may provide occasions and opportunity to come up with new strategies and structures. Based on the Organisation Structure, positions are enumerated in the Organisational Design.

Organisational Role Consultation
Roles are sets of shared expectations about who should do what under a given set of circumstances. It is a complex and necessary organizational component. While the organization's definition of a role may be identical for two people, the way in which they work and their effectiveness and success may vary. It is therefore important that the individual roles are clarified by operationalizing the interactions and expectations that govern their behaviour.

The Organisational Role Consultation Study strives to help organisations to recognise the importance of organisational roles, clarify role expectations through role descriptions and ensure smooth functioning of every department through role clarification with reference to organisation as a whole.

Compensation and Benefits Services
An Organisation's ability to attract, retain, and motivate the talent it needs in order to fulfill its business mission depends increasingly on flexible and competitive compensation strategies. We design conceptual frameworks for compensation policies and customize compensation structuring to match client needs.

Our Compensation and Benefits Services help you to plan and implement appropriate compensation and benefits programs. Various elements are taken into consideration, and harmony created between the various grades/levels and components. We also pay close attention to specific benefits, perquisites, rewards and Incentive schemes, Employee Stock Option Plans, Top Management Achievement Index, etc.

Creation of Policy and Procedure Manuals
The objective of this study is to determine Company's policies and procedures, to develop its common understanding throughout the organisation and to create a ready reference guide for employees.

The study purports to define fair, uniform and consistent set of Policies and Practices, to meet the customers, employees, and management's expectations.

Human Resource Outsourcing Solutions
Businesses worldwide are turning to Outsourcing. Healthy and profitable companies are beginning to now view outsourcing as an essential part of their business strategy. Outsourcing is the transfer of non-core activities to an outside vendor so that the organisation can focus on core activities, where it has a competitive advantage, differentiate itself from Competitors, and take advantage of the cost-savings from the outsourced functions. Also, companies undergoing critical changes such as merger, acquisition, management restructuring etc. can get the support they need immediately, through outsourcing.

Outsourcing assignments such as Recruitment and Selection Process, Training and Development Activities, Performance Management and Reward Systems (PMRS), Organisational Development Activities, Employee Feedback, Employee Counselling etc. are executed by L. R. Associates Pvt. Ltd.

Competency Mapping Studies
Competency is defined as those characteristics of an individual that underlie performance or behavior at work. An individual's competencies are influenced by the organisation structure, its environment, context, hierarchical levels and role clarity.

Competency Mapping aims at defining organisational elements, the employees' abilities and operationalizing their interface. Determination of actual and ideal levels of competencies to perform a job effectively provides valuable insights in designing HR processes, Road maps for individual development and career management.

Training Need Analysis
Technological developments and organisational change have led to the realisation that success relies on the skills and abilities of the employees and this means considerable and continuous investment in training and development. To provide training to the employees it is necessary to assess the training needs. Training need analysis is the foundation on which the training activity of an organisation would be built upon.
This exercise will help the training department in the process of designing training programs, designating participants, establishing priority of programs, their frequency, realizing the developmental gap between what exists and what is desired etc.


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