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Management Education and Training

Whatever the future holds, training and development is a field of constantly increasing maturity and professionalism. There has been more recognition of the need to complement the qualities and skills of employees with the needs of the organisation. There is also a greater emphasis on improving performance rather than merely increasing individual knowledge. Individuals are being trained as members of a team so that they will learn to function together in their organisational relationships. Therefore, Employee training and development is not only an activity that is desirable but also an activity that an organisation must commit its resources to if it is to maintain a viable and knowledgeable work force.

Business Leadership
The need for Business Leadership arises when Management gets contented with its Performance be it Sustained Profitability/ Break even operations. To create Business Leaders, the capacity to visualize reality and examine the potential of the organisation needs to be experimented.

The program on Business Leadership has been designed to assess employees' approach and capacity to lead the organisation in a competitive environment.

Building Effective Teams and Conflict Management
Breakthroughs and innovations by an individual today have given way to massive group efforts requiring high financial investment and complex research and technological facilities. Teaming up improves the morale of individuals by soliciting their ideas. However, individuals being unique have different beliefs, opinions and attitudes leading to conflict. It is impossible for any organisation in today's competitive world, to remain in a conflicting situation and function smoothly to achieve its goals.

The Team Building & Conflict Management Program aims at providing an understanding of team, sensitizing team members to critical issues in teams and identifying and overcoming blockages of an effective team.

Managerial Effectiveness
At the core of every professional firm are its specialists who actually generate the service on which the firm's reputation rests. However, even the best performers cannot be inducted into accepting professional responsibility without due training and exposure. The solution is to develop the Effective Manager - a person with good "People" skills, an intangible vision, and a real desire to manage effectively.

The Managerial Effectiveness Program aims at enabling participants to understand organisation processes; enhancing effectiveness of participants in functions they are presently engaged in and prepare them for higher responsibilities.

Performance Appraisal
Performance Appraisal is the nucleus of people-development in an organisation. It is a tool designed for the growth of people and success of an organisation. Appraising people's activities and developing their potential calls for knowledge and skill.

At the Performance Appraisal program we endeavor to provide participants with an understanding of the concept of performance, and its appraisal. It also provides an insight into the techniques of managing and appraising performance to ensure excellence.

Performance Management, Goal Setting and Achievement Motivation
Performance management is a strategic and integrated approach to delivering sustained success to organizations by improving performance of the people who work in them and by developing the capabilities of teams and individual contributors. Organisations Goals provide a direction to employee behaviour and guide their thoughts and actions and satisfy employee emotions and desires. A logical extension of goal setting leads to areas in planning, control, appraisal and performance management. Organisations need to train their employees to be more achievement motivated in order to set goals and achieve them.

The program aims at providing the participants an insight into the nuances of setting goals, developing the achievement motivation to accomplish them and instituting a performance management system to monitor and maintain success of the organisation.

Time Management and Delegation
Managing time is a tricky business. Individuals know - or they think they know - how they ought to spend their time, but few know how they actually spend it. The basic definition of a manager is one who gets things done through people. Their main task is to concentrate on delegating the "doing" to their subordinates thus investing their time into other activities.

The objective of the Time Management and Delegation program is to impart the knowledge of techniques of managing time effectively, to learn the art of delegation and to value time as an important resource.

Communication and Presentation Skills
According to Peter Drucker, "your effectiveness (in the organisation) depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken or written word." Successful performance often depends upon the ability to communicate or present your ideas assertively and effectively to subordinates, colleagues and superiors. The ability to create, develop and deliver effective presentations is a skill which can be learned through perseverance and practice.

The program aims at fostering Effective Communication that leads to harmonious relations, team work and increased productivity.

Participant Profiling
Our training programs also provide a unique and effective process of Profiling the participants. Each participant is provided with an Individual Profile alongwith suggestions for improvement by Industrial Psychologists. This profile is based on the observation and interpretation of Participants' Questionnaire responses and interactions during the training program.

The profiles can be applied by the Individual and the Company for preparation of Development plans for themselves with respect to the concepts imparted during the training program viz. Leadership, Team Working etc. The process also provides a Group Profile of the participants as feedback to the Company.


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